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The choice of every single material is fundamental. During its long experience, Alisport has selected a wide choice of leathers, linings, footbeds and soles and now can choose only among the best ones, which are able to guarantee a final result, which has the ideal characteristics for the purpose of the shoe itself.


The choice of the leather is a fundamental step for planning a shoe. The final result depends on the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the leather. All the leather used by Alisport comes from Venetian and Tuscan tanneries and is produced with technologies and treatments, which respect the environment and guarantee the lack of toxic residues.

The leather that Alisport uses for its footwear is:
- Full grain leather: is the best quality and the toughest and most water resistant but it also has breathable characteristics.
- Nabuck leather: : Is a full grain water repellent leather that has been buffed to give it the velvety and smooth finish called Nabuck. It has the same characteristics of the full grain leather.
- Suede leather: Is a leather finished with a velvety nap. Special treatment renders suede rubbing resistant and water resistant. The result of this treatment is soft, comfortable and delicate to the touch.


Alisport uses high quality leather or breathable synthetic fibres linings, such as Dri-Lex®, Windtex®, Impraperm®, Comfortex® e Cambrelle®, which are water resistant and maintain the micro-climate between leather and fabric. The area in direct touch with the leather remains always dry, whilst the opposite side acts like a pump, aspirating both sweat and humidity and carrying them outside. These fabrics are also soft and elastic, thus very comfortable.


Alisport uses for its footwear a range of removable insoles of different materials according to its purpose: leather, water resistant and crushproof latex with leather or fabric coating, or leather with E.V.A.® shock-absorbent heel.
1. Latex footbed with leather coating
2. Leather footbed
3. Latex footbed
4. Leather footbed with E.V.A.® heel



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