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ElElasticity, grip, anti-shock, lightness and lasting are the fundamental characteristics in the choice of the ideal sole unit for every shoe. Years of experience and research in this field have brought Alisport to use sole units which can satisfy the above characteristics, with both exclusive and customized solutions for the most prestigious models.
Alisport uses trade marks of consolidate experience such as Eurosuole®, Silga®, Rubbermac®, Al.PI.®-OC System®.


1. TR sole with leather insert "Burt"
2. rubber sole "Classic"
3. rubber sole "Silga U4075 "
4. rubber sole "Risico" with anti-shock insert


5. rubber sole with "OC System®", a mobile stirrup with two positions: grip-on/grip-off, which makes the step safe and comfortable on every surface covered with ice, and also allows to walk on every traditional floor without damaging it.
6. rubber sole "Mulaz"
7. rubber sole "Davos"


  8. rubber sole "Delta"
  9. rubber sole "Nature"
10. TR sole with leather insert "Rebecca"
11. rubber sole "Belluno"



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